Boston Terrier Club of Canada



Code of Ethics

This code is established in accordance with the objectives of The Boston Terrier Club of Canada (BTCC). It outlines the standard of behavior expected of BTCC members when buying, selling, breeding or exhibiting their dogs, as well as their interaction with other club members and the public at large.

All animals owned, or in the care of BTCC members shall be given a healthy environment, good nutrition and proper care at all times. No member's dog shall be treated in an inhumane manner, nor be neglected or abused either physically, mentally or emotionally; nor shall members subject their dog(s) to cruel or unusual punishment.

BTCC members will also be members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and be governed by the Constitution, By-Laws, and Code of Ethics of the BTCC, as well as those of the CKC, when engaged in the breeding, selling and exhibiting of purebred dogs.

BTCC members shall, at all times, maintain a polite and sportsman like demeanor in their dealings with other club members, their puppy and/or breeding clients, and the general public. BTCC members will refrain from employing “social media” to question or discuss the reputation, breeding practices or quality of breeding stock of any person involved with dog breeding or showing, whether a club member or otherwise. To engage in such practices constitutes “bullying” and is governed by the Criminal Code of Canada.

All bitches shall be registered with the CKC and all stud dogs shall be registered with a kennel club whose stud books are recognized by the CKC. Members are expected to register each litter and all puppies they contain per CKC regulations.

The first principle of breeding decisions shall be the improvement of breed quality, with monetary reward a secondary consideration. Members will strive to breed dogs that comply with the Breed Standard as set down by The Canadian Kennel Club. Particular attention must be given to any disqualifications outlined in the breed standard and members shall not knowingly breed dogs that perpetuate disqualifying traits (i.e. color) or known health problems. Breeding stock should be obtained from reputable sources only (no puppy mills or colored breeders).Members shall perform health testing as is available and recommended to ensure physically and genetically sound breeding stock.

Members will not sell or donate any animals to pet shops or for raffles or give-away prizes.

Members will endeavor to explain to prospective buyers all aspects of the breed as to temperament, grooming and exercise requirements. Members will explain fully any documents, contracts, guarantees or bills of sale that the purchasers are required to sign. Members will ensure that new puppy owners are aware of their responsibilities as dog owners in the community and will recommend the neutering of dogs or the spaying of bitches sold as pets.

Members will practice no deception of any kind in order to secure a sale or service. They will be concerned with the type of home in which their puppies or dogs are placed.

Individual Canadian Kennel Club registration papers will follow the completion of any sale and/or contract as required by the CKC.

Breeders shall help to place any dog of their breeding for which a new home must be found and shall endeavor to place any other Boston Terrier who requires a home. 









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